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I really love Yuri!!
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Hello my name is Naglfar94 I have just became admin of this wiki so I am quite new here. I really love Girl Friends is a very great touching manga. I originally stumbled upon this place by mistake and when I found this place it was in bad shape there was barely anything here and it was abandoned so I began to edit here more and more and now look here I am with this wiki now. As admin I would very much like it if everyone here please do get along and keep it peaceful all order must be maintained here. And if you have any questions or just simply want to talk with me leave me a message on my wall and I`ll reply when I get the chance too.

I am also admin of the SaGa wiki and Founder of the Nage Libre Wiki and Inukami Wiki so if you are interested in either of those please do stop by them and edit there too as they could use as much help as possible.

My Thoughts on Yuri[]

I am a really huge fan of Yuri manga or heck anything for that matter of the Yuri Genre. I first discovered Yuri when I stumbled upon Girl Friends... Well actually I started seeing bits of Yuri through a game series I often play called Touhou and Girl Friends just brought the rest to me. I really love Yuri and the way the love between the characters is more honest and pure and I also like the great deal of emotion put into Yuri stories I find them more appealing and interesting compared to the usual romance type stores and for some reason these just feel more natural to me to see, It is hard to get it into words of all of what I feel of Yuri but if you yourself has read one you will know the unexplained feeling each gives.

User Trivia[]

  • Has Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • Favorite Foods:Pizza, Various Asian dishes and nearly everything in general likes to try different foods.
  • Favorite Music Genre:Video Game music and Japanese music mainly anime songs
  • Main Game Genre:RPG games, Platform Games, Bullet Hell and Tactical RPG games.
  • Really likes Yuri
  • Favorite Manga Genre Other Than Yuri:Why Shonen of course also some Shoujou too.