“......... Don`t worry! No matter how bad things get, I`ll always be here! Even if you become an old spinster... I`ll stick together with you in the old folks home.”
—Tamamin to Sugiyama

Tamamin Sekine
Some attributes
First Age:
Second Height: 4'11

Weight: 99lbs

Third Birthday: February 3rd (Aquarius)

Most Wanted Item: A plug suit Blood Type: B

Other attributes
Fourth Hobbies: Cosplay, Reading Manga, Writing Dojinshi
Fifth Occupation: Student at Oohana High School, Anna Millers
Sixth Status: In a presumed relationship with Harada

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Friends: Satoko Sugiyama, Akiko Oohashi, Urara Taguchi, Chiharu Kuno, Mariko Kumakura

Tamamin Sekine (関根 珠) is a character from the Girl Friends manga, and is friends with Akko and the rest, and very close friends with Sugiyama. She is an otaku and enjoys reading manga and cosplaying.


Tamamin is a very pretty and very cute girl. She has the shortest height out of Akko's friends, and has brownish colored hair which she often wears in two pig tail ponytails on each side of her head, and flower shaped barrettes in hair.


Tamamin is very cheerful and is usually seen with either manga or trying to cosplay at every chance, which annoys Sugiyama, seen in chapter 21.5 where she attempted to dress as Cure Dream to a mixer, or during her pool trip with Akko where she made her own custom made swimsuit, which was anime based and caused her to get odd tan lines on her whole chest as a result. She is also quite airheaded at times and slow to catching on to things, such as not ever noticing that Akko and Mari have feelings for each other, or by the end where she tried to get in a photo booth photo with Akko and Mari, failing to realize that the two of them were a couple and wanted a photo alone, which caused Sugiyama great surprise that Tamamin had not noticed yet. Tamamin does have a determined side to her, as since Chapter 16, as she vowed to try really hard to get a good boyfriend who shares much of the same hobbies as her during her pool and beach trips.


Sugiyama SatokoEdit

She is very close friends with Sugiyama despite Sugiyama`s hate of nearly everything otaku or anime based. Even though they claim not to have romantic feelings for each other they share a very close physical relationship and often kiss one another and make out especially when they are drunk, at one point in her talk with Akko Sugiyama says that her and Tamamin have kissed atleast a hundred times already. Tamamin is also the only one who is seen hanging around with Sugiyama the most and the two are often seen together often going to events such as mixers etc. with her all the time and at one point says that even when they are old and wrinkled she will still remain Sugiyama`s friend. Tamamin also understands Sugiyama the most and is supportive of her relationship problems and tries to give her good advice on finding and choosing the one boyfriend out of her five she actually likes the most.


She first meets Harada after Mari breaks up with him and is seen briefly flirting with him and asking him many questions along with Sugiyama. Later by the end of the manga it is highly implied that the two are dating as seen in a photo of the two together cosplaying as Vocaloid characters.


The two do not interact much at all but it is revealed during Chapter 14.5 that Tamamin has drawn pictures of Naru naked and puts her in 18+ rated dojin rape manga and post them on an adult website which upon finding out has caused Naru to feel uneasiness everytime she is in Tamamin`s presence.

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