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“It`s like a dream that I am able to put out a full compiled volume of yuri manga. Cute girls really should stick with other cute girls, hm? I`m always thinking that, but it seems to be a universal rule now somehow. Thank you god, truly! And you!”
—Milk Morinaga in one of her manga Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo

Morinaga Milk
Morinaga milk.jpg
Vital statistics
Lives Tokyo, Japan
Manga Genre Yuri
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Manga Artist

Milk Morinaga ( 森永 みるく) Is the author and artist of the Girl Friends manga. She is a Yuri Manga artist and has done many more works in her time with her first series being made in 1997 called Study After School, She also has an official website she made that contains news on her manga aswell as artwork from many of her series. She also has a fondness for cats.

Official Websites[]



  • She often depicts herself as a cat with a red bow in it`s head when she portrays herself in parts of her manga such as omakes etc.
  • She went to an all girls high school when she was younger.
  • She owns two pet cats.
  • Before becoming a mainstream artist she was once and still is a Dojinshi artist her works there ranged from original one shots she came up with and Dojins of things she is a fan of such as Sailor Moon.
  • She got her inspiration to write yuri manga from seeing Sailor Moon.
  • She has eaten at Mr.Donut a few times.