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Some attributes
First Age:
Second Height:


Third Birthday:

Most Wanted Item: Blood Type: AB

Other attributes
Fourth Hobbies:
Fifth Occupation:
Sixth Status: In a Implied relationship with Tamamin

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Friends: Tamamin Sekine, Mariko Kumakura

Harada (原田) Is a minor character from Girl Friends. He is first seen briefly in Chapter 11 where he tells Mariko Kumakura that she had missed her stop and giving her information on how to get back home. He later appears again in Chapter 13 where he confesses his feelings for her and dates her for a very brief time. After Mari breaks up with him as she has now confirmed that she will never be attracted to men, he is last seen with Tamamin and Sugiyama flirting with him and asking him questions, He is never seen again until the very end where a photo is seen of him cosplaying with Tamamin implying that they may be dating.


Harada has an average height only being just a slight bit taller than Mari and has short hair and appears to be either in his late teens or at least 20.


Mariko KumakuraEdit

He is first seen speaking with her in chapter 11 telling her that she had missed her stop and giving directions on ways to get back he later appears again and reveals that he has liked her since elementary school. It is revealed that he was the popular guy Mari referred to at an earlier point. He shares a good friendship with Mari and during the brief time they dated he cared very much for her and tried to make her comfortable or give her anything she wanted and even after she had broken up with him he was still on good terms saying that she was brave in chapter 21 for doing what she did and for how she was in their elementary school days standing up to the bullies by actually talking to and staying by the girl who was being bullied.

Tamamin SekineEdit

Not much is seen of the two interacting the only time was one their first brief meeting where she and Sugiyama were asking various questions and flirting with him. It can be assumed at some point he and Tamamin became good friends and possibly have gotten into a relationship as revealed in the photo near the end where he is seen cosplaying with her.

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