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Welcome to the one and only Girlfriends wiki! This wiki covers everything you want to know about Milk Morinaga's smash hit Yuri series. Whether you're an avid fan or a newcomer, you can gain in depth knowledge on this wiki. Editors and contributors to the site are also very welcomed! ***SPOILERS ARE UNMARKED!*** Be careful how much you read! If you don't understand a character's involvement in the plot because you haven't reached that part of the story, stop reading the page immediately.

The Series[]

Girlfriends is a Yuri manga describing the events that cause two best friends, Mariko and Akiko, to fall in love during their high school days. With the aid of their friends and teacher, they also learn about love, relationships, fashion, drinking, and what it means to grow up. The series ran from 2006 to 2010 in the manga magazine Comic High! and was created by renowned Yuri manga artist, Milk Morinaga. 

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