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Chiharu Kuno

Chiharu Kuno (久野 千晴 Kuno Chiharu) is a good student who becomes friends with Mariko "Mari" Kumakura and Akiko "Akko" Oohashi in the 2nd year when Satoko "Sugi-san" Sugiyama and Tamami "Tamanin" Sekine ended up in different classes.


  • The name Chiharu means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "clear weather" (晴) (haru).
    • Part of the name Haru can also mean "light, sun, male" (陽) and "spring" (春).
  • Chiharu's surname Kuno means "long time" (久) (ku) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).
    • People call her "Kuno-chin"
  • Kuno hates sports, particularly the interpretive dances in which the students are forced to participate.
  • Kuno has an older boyfriend (her "prince") named Ouji whom she met at a mixer party and she is constantly preoccupied that she often mentions him while chatting.