“If only... I could stay here together with her... That way... Akko would never be lonely again... We`d be... Together forever...”
—Mari before kissing Akko

Chapter 7
Chapter 7
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Chapter 7 Is the seventh chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

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Mari`s father asks if she is alright and if she is going out or not and Mari tells him that she is, He then asks her if she is she is going out to meet a boyfriend or not and she tells him no which leaves him relieved. On the way to the mixer Kuno mentions that the guys coming there are all old enough to buy alcohol Mari notes that Akko seems like the type to drink a lot but Akko tells them that she isn`t like that at all. Mari now in her thoughts says that she lied to her father but the mixer is not the reason she got dressed up. Akko then asks her if that is the dress she got when they were shopping and Mari tells her yes, Akko then goes on to tell Mari that the dress looks good on Mari and that it is cute and fits her well which makes Mari really happy. Mari then says she did it because she wanted to hear Akko say that to her
Mari tears

Mari begins to cry at the thought of losing Akko.

but wonders if she is acting childish because of that, Urara notes that it has been a long time since they last went to a mixer and Taguchi says that it is due to the difficulty in getting their old group together as they all got boyfriends. Akko says that it must be hard for one to make plans with friends when they are worried they might already have plans with their boyfriend, Kuno agrees and says that also it is because when girls get a boyfriend they start to abandon their friends. Akko wonders is that really true. Urara adds in that girls will even cancel their plans with friends at the last minute Akko thinks it is terrible, Mari wonders if it is really true or not and wonders if it applies to them or not. Mari thinks to herself that if Akko goes to the mixer and gets a boyfriend will he become her top priority and that Akko is the kind of girl guys like and that she will get one for sure. She then remembers how Tamamin and Sugiyama used to be very close friends up until they changed classes as Mari continues to think everyone asks Mari what is wrong as she has tears in her eyes from the thought of losing Akko. Urara asks Mari if something is in her eye and she says that is what it is, Akko then tells Mari that she had told her not to come as her stomach ache was very bad yet she still came and it causes her to cry which shocks Mari. Akko apologizes to everyone and tells them that even though she was sick she still insisted on coming along Akko tells everyone that she is going to take Mari back home but Urara and Kuno are worried as they are two girls short but Akko tells them not to worry. On the train Mari tells Akko that she wasn`t really sick and Akko tells Mari not to worry about it and that she really didn`t feel like going either, She then asks Mari if she was crying because she hated the idea of going to the mixer and that she must have went due to not wanting to turn everyone down as they were their friends. Mari answers yes to Akko`s questions. Akko then says that Mari isn`t the type to go to bars and mixers and that she should not be afraid to turn offers like that down and that it is good to want to be friends but if they are really her friends then they won`t mind if she turns the offers down, And if Mari had turned Akko down when she asked if she wanted her hair done Akko would had still wanted to be friends with her. After Akko tells Mari that she had gotten cute girls to replace them and the two turn out to be Tamamin and Sugiyama Mari wonders if calling that at the last minute like that is hard on them and Akko says that it is for the best since they are in different classes they should help them remain friends to which Mari agrees. Akko tells her that Sugiyama can drink an impossible amount of Alcohol and that it might cost the guys at the mixer a lot of money Mari then wonders if Alcohol is really that expensive, Akko asks her has she ever had alcohol before and Mari tells her no and that she is underaged too. Akko asks her if she wants to try it and Mari agrees to it, Akko tells Mari that her
Sleep akko

Akko asleep

mother likes to drink so they have a bunch of things there, Mari asks Akko if she will get in trouble or not and Akko explains that her mother is away on a business trip and won`t be back till the day after tomorrow, Mari then asks of her father and Akko says that she does not have one and that it has been just her and her mother living there the whole time. Akko then finds some Kahlua Milk and asks Mari had she heard of it to which she says she has, Mari then thinks to herself that she didn`t know that Akko didn`t have a boyfriend or a farther and that there are many things she still does not know about her. Akko then hands her a glass of the Kahlua Milk and Mari wonders what she should do and that she is afraid to drink alcohol, Akko asks her if she is gonna drink hers and goes on to explain that she does not like mixers or drinking much she tells Mari that she also has a low alcohol tolerance but she is okay with the Kahlua Milk as it tastes just like Milk Coffee. Mari then decides to taste hers since Akko likes it Akko asks her if it tasted like Milk Coffee or not and Mari says that it tastes good. Mari asks Akko if she gets lonely in her home with her mom being away so much and Akko says that she has been that way since she was a child and is used to it and due to her mom being away most of the time she just E-Mails her which surprises Mari. Akko asks if she does it with her mom but Mari tells her that her mom is not good with tech related things so she does not use cell phones, Akko then gets a message from Tamamin explaining that the mixer ended and that she got to renew her friendship with Sugiyama thanks to Akko. Mari says that she knew Akko would do anything for her friends and that she is great for that, Akko then falls asleep and Mari tries to wake her. Mari notices the time and that it is almost time for her to leave but says she does not want to wake Akko up, Mari then
Asleep kiss

Mari kisses Akko for the first time.

stares at Akko`s face and says sees that she really does have long eyelashes and that her cheeks are smooth. Mari begins to playfully poke Akko`s face and says that Akko is always there alone and as a kid she must had been lonley, Mari then continues on and says that if she could stay there with Akko she would never be lonely again and that they could be together forever and kisses her. Mari then jolts backwards as she is in shock that she kissed Akko.

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