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“But she was worried you liked being alone and we`d just be bothering you. Not only that, But she was always talking about how cute you are!”
Tamamin to Mari about Akko.

Chapter 6
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Chapter 6 Is the sixth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

Chapter Information[]

it is the last day of being in the homeroom of their first year class. Tamamin is upset that she got Maeda as her teacher and is regretting choosing stream B as he is very strict nd according to Akko always called her stupid, Sugiyama too is upset as she ended up with Tamazou for a second time while Mari and Akko are in the same class with a brand new teacher Naru. Mari thinks to herself that she knew because they were all changing classes she was going to be nervous about it but is looking forward to it still. The next day in their new class Akko asks Mari isn`t Naru an interesting teacher but the two are interrupted by one

Akko and Mari with their new classmates.

of their new classmates who asks Akko what class was she in the last term, Akko tells her to just call her Akko instead of Oohashi which bothers Mari a bit as she recalls the time she first met Akko and she had told her the same thing when they met and that it seemed like only the other day Akko had told her the same thing. The new girl calls Mari Mari, Kumakura - San and asks her what kanji is used to write it, Mari tells her that her name is Mariko and the new girl asks if it is okay to call her Mari to which she says is fine. Akko tells her that everyone in the last class called her Mari - Chin and the new girl says that it fits her perfectly, Another new student overhears and tells Akko and Mari that she has a pretty cute name too and that it is Urara, Urara says that it is the wrong name and does not fit her at all. Mari thinks that everyone in the new class is different from everyone in their previous class and that they are energetic and interesting and that everyday is a fun day for her, While walking out Mari and Akko are stopped by Urara and her friend Kuno who ask them if they want to go to Mos Burger with them Akko agrees to it but Mari says that she cannot go and that she need store go to the bookstore in Ichigaya as she had ordered a book and has to pick it up. In the Bookstore Mari runs across Tamamin who was there buying a bunch of new manga the two head to Mcdonalds and Tamamin says that it seems like it`s been forever since she had seen Mari, Mari explains that

Mari and Tamamin at McDonalds.

it had only been one week and Tamamin tells her it is due to them being in separate floors and they never see each other.Mari asks Tamamin how is Sugiyama doing but due to them being on separate floors Tamamin says that they only get to see each other passing by in the halls but she is doing fine still Mari asks if they both take the same train home but Tamamin tells her that she usually goes to Ichigaya after class and that Sugiyama gets out later than she does. Tamamin informs Mari that she had made some new friends in her new class that are Otaku`s just like her but since Sugiyama hates Otaku`s Tamamin says that it would be bad if they all ever met, Tamamin tells Mari that next tme she will introduce her to them. Mari thinks to herself at what they had said before they changed classes and how they said they would still be friends even after they changed classes which saddens her a bit, Tamamin asks Mari how are things going in her new class and Mari informs her that it is going well and that she had already made some new friends and that Akko started making new friends on their first day. Mari tells Tamamin that she does not fit in as well as Akko does due to her being so shy and that last year it took her a long time to speak to the people who sat next to her. Tamamin then goes on to tell Mari that Akko would always talk about how she always sat alone during lunch and that she was always wondering if she should invite her to have lunch with them or not, Tamamin also tells her that Akko was always worried that Mari liked being alone and that she was always talking about how cute Mari was which causes Mari to blush. Tamamin says that she was glad that she got to meet with her and that it is great she made some new friends and leaves, At home Mari thinks back on the time before she met Akko and that she used to always read a lot of books and that no one at lunch seemed to notice her or even talk to her. Mari says that back then Akko was always with her group and Mari never knew what they were talking about which made her jealous, But when Akko befriended her and she got her haircut Mari says she had lot`s of fun. Mari then goes on to explain that she now knew why hearing the others call Akiko Akko bothers her and why them calling her Mari put her off And that somehow she knew it was because Akko is the only one that calls her Mari and that she wants Akko all to herself. Mari says that she shouldn`t be thinking

Mari recalls the first time she met Akko and the others.

like that and that she is lucky to have met and become friends with Akko and decides that she has to be more mature around their new friends and be an adult. The next day the new girl asks Akko and Mari if they had Classical Literature class that day and Mari tells them that they do have it, Kuno says that she thought they needed their first year schedule and had brought the wrong textbooks which causes Akko to laugh at her, Mari then interrupts and tells her that Akko leaves all her textbooks at school. Urara then comes in and asks what is going on and Mari thinks to herself that everything will be okay and that she can be fine with their new friends. Mari and Akko are then asked do they have boy friends. Akko says she does not have one which shocks Mari, Akko then explains what they did last Valentines day passing around chocolates between her, Mari, Sugiyama and Tamamin. The new girl says that it was a waste and Akko explains that she has a friend who has a boyfriend and she thought that he was supposed to give her a present on Valentines Day so they gave her chocolates to how her how the day works. Mari says that she didn`t know Akko didn`t have a boyfriend and had thought she had one the whole time and that she was thinking of asking her about it but the topic never came up. Akko then says that they should go to a different subject as she feels like she is being made fun of, Kuno then says that it is lucky for hers he doesn`t have one and then asks Mari if she has a boyfriend and Mari says she doesn`t either. Taguchi then explains that there is going to be a mixer coming up and that they should all go. The new girls asks Mari if she will go or not and Mari explains that she has never been to a mixer before, Akko tells everyone that she will only go if Mari goes and that mixers are annoying. Urara and Kuno then ask Mari again will she go and that she would really be helping them out Mari thinks to herself that she has to be mature and agrees to go to the mixer.