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“Sugi-San wanting to go to an external school doesn`t surprise me at all! Surprisingly, She actually gets pretty good grades.”
—Akko telling Mari about Sugi`s school choice.

Chapter 5
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Volume 1
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Chapter 5 Is the fifth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

Chapter Information[]

Mari wonders where Akko is as she is late and hasn`t replied to any of her E-mails but she cannot wait as the train to school is about to leave. Mari arrives to class and Tamamin notices Akko isn`t there Mari tells them that Akko told her she had a cold which surprises both Sugiyama and Tamamin as it is unusual for Akko to be sick.Mari explains that Akko said in the E-mail that she caught the cold from watching a DVD in the bath too long and the water got cold, During class Mari is saddened as she will be alone for the whole day without Akko there she also notices that their school is affiliated with a two year colledge and that the 2nd year students go into different course streams of their choice. At lunch Tamamin notes that it is the first time that it has been only the three of them there while Sugiyama says it is because Akko and Mari are rarely ever absent from school. Tamamin notes that it is much more quiet without Akko around, Mari says that it is surprising that the three of them are not going to the same course stream. Sugiyama wants to go to a nursing school as her parents did the same and Tamamin does not want to take entrance exams so she chooses to go to an affiliate colledge and Mari chooses the same but notes that they won`t be in the same stream as Sugiyama in the next term. Tamamin tells Mari that just because they are in the same stream does not mean they will be in the same class, Mari explains that their still may be a chance they will be in the same class each time they change classes. Sugiyama tells tham that even though they will have different classes they will still likely be friends so she is not concerned but Mari is worried about it and says that it was hard for her to become friends with everyone. Tamamin tells Suigiyama that stream B is a lot of work and says that she wouldn`t take it But Sugiyama tells her she would never ask someone to take it with grades like Akko`s or hers. Tamamin asks Mari whether or not Akko chose stream A or stream B but Mari says she doesn`t know which shocks Tamamin as she didn`t ask Akko, Mari says that the two of them are her best friends and that she thought she would tell them first but Tamamin asks Mari isn`t she Akko`s best friend to which Sugiyama agrees which shocks Mari. Mari disagrees and tells them that even though they are close friends she has not known Akko as long as the two of them have so they can`t be best friends, Tamamin tells her that how long she has known someone is not a factor of whether or not they can be best friends. Sugiyama asks Mari doesn`t she think that Akko considers her her best friend which causes Mari to ponder at home if whether or not they are best friends Mari decides that she will ask Akko about it the next day. At school Akko has returned still slightly sick but she says she is a lot better Mari asks her if she forgot about the course stream selection and Akko says she did forget it and that she didn`t get the chance to ask her parents about it, Akko asks Mari is she going to stream A and Mari says that she is

Akko holds Mari`s hand.

which makes Akko happy and she explains that they will both be together in their second year. Akko says that she is glad they are going to the same stream but Mari explains that it does not mean they will be in the same class, Akko says that she forgot that classes still change. As they are walking Akko grabs and holds Mari hand which causes Mari to blush, Akko asks Mari if her nails are painted or not as the teachers walking by would see them but Mari tells her that the reason for their current look is because she had gotten a manicure due to her brother winning one in a draw but he did not want it, Akko then tells her that even though it is against their schools rules they should get one together. Akko tells mari that her nails are very pretty and that they make her jealous of them, She also notices that Mari nails are longer which makes her fingers look smaller while Akko`s are more rounded and nail polish does not look good on them so she has to work hard to maintain them, Mari notes that Akko thinks about that kind of stuff a lot and that she is cute. Sugiyama interrupts and tells them both that they have not had their cuticles done which confuses Mari Akko explains to her what they are and how to treat them, Sugiyama tells Mari that even though Akko said all of that she doesn`t know how to take care of her cuticles and to let her help out with it instead. Mari sits and wonders if whether or not she will get to do fun stuff with everyone in the next term. At the nail shop Mari wonders that if there in the

Mari and Akko shop at the Nail Shop.

same class will they still be able to go home together Akko notices that Mari is down and asks her what is wrong but Mari tells her nothing is wrong and that she was only thinking about what color polish to buy. Akko picks out a color and says she should do syrup nails with it, Mari explains that she saw it in a magazine and that they are supposed to make their nails like shaved ice. At home Mari completes her nails and is happy to see that they do look like syrup and sends pictures to Akko and says that even if they are in different classes Akko will still be the first person she will share things like that with. At her home Akko asks her mother if she had gotten the E-mail she had sent her about the course stream selection and her mother says that it is fine to pick whichever one she wants. Akko tells her mother that if she had replied to her E-mail she would had told her which causes her mother to apologize she also tells Akko that the next time she gets sick to E-mail her and tell her. Akko decides that she wants to send Mari an E-mail but she thinks that by then she is asleep and that they will always see each other again anyways.