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“If you Hadn`t done this, We wouldn`t have even been able to say hello when we see each other at the station. But with this, We can be friends. This is just the kind of bravery... I`d expect from Kumakura.”
—Harada to Mari

Chapter 21
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Vital statistics
Pages 23
Volume 3
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Chapter 21 Is the twentyfirst chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

Chapter Information[]

Akko says that the last night she had thought of all sorts of what ifs and says that what if tomorrow Mari gets stood up again and if that is the case she will go to his school the next day and ambush him though she does not know what he looks like, She then says that what if he shows up and officially dumps Mari then in that case she would give him a good slap or what if Mari ended up crying then she would console her and then they would all go

Akko spying on Mari and Harada.

to karaoke and sing. She then continues and says that what if he actually turns out to be a good guy and apologizes to Mari properly and he really loves her and things between the two return to normal she then says that in that case she will see them off with a smile. The next day Harada shows up and tells Mari that it had been awhile and she agrees Harada then apologizes to her and informs her that something important had come up the other day and his cellphone battery had died too. Nearby Akko wonders what he is saying and says that she can`t hear anything as they are too far away, Tamamin says that even if she could hear them there is nothing she could do about it anyways and Sugiyama agrees and tells her to just be quiet and asks if she is going to jump in if something goes wrong and Akko says it is okay as she has been practicing her jump kick. Sugiyama then says that atleast he had shown up and that he looks honest and handsome which causes Akko to tell that he is totally rotten and that he tricked and molested Mari and he only looks honest Sugiyama then tells Akko that they are going to hear her, She then continues and asks if deep down aren`t all men molesters and says that rather than calling them molesters to think about why they want to touch everyones behind and asks isn`t it because it is enjoyable. Tamamin then says that she thought that touching breasts was supposed to be more enjoyable and Sugiyama says that they should find out and says that a man holds his bag close to her breasts and with his free hand. After saying that Sugiyama grabs Tamamin`s breasts which gets her by surprise and she calls Sugiyama a pervert and Sugiyama says that she is not and for Tamamin to sit down and Akko tells them to stop as they have to keep quiet. Mari hears them and says that she knew they were there Harada asks if they should leave as it is pretty loud there and Mari says that it is okay and apologizes for having him come there she then wonders if they can hear them. Harada tells Mari that she is brave like back in elementary school when all the other girls were ignoring one other girl and she was the only one who would talk to her as they were ignoring her as a way to bully her, He then says that due to that the very next day they started to bully her too. Mari says that for awhile the two of them were pretty helpless but at the time the girl Mayu had to put up with being ignored and she never really did because after that there was a boy who saved them and made the bullying go away and Harada says that back then he thought girls were scary and that he wouldn`t even go to school on the day of meetings but it was good luck to him as it led to Mari giving him chocolate, He then continues and says that it had also taken bravery to call him the other day and to tell her friends when they had stopped talking and meeting during the summer vacation. Harada tells Mari that he thought for sure that she was going to dump him so he kept thinking of ways to talk to her but was too scared to go through with them and says that it is all his fault and apologizes, Mari then tells him that she is sorry and Harada says that he is at fault and begins to mention what had happened at the fireworks festival and Mari says that it is not like that and all of it was her fault and says that the truth is there is someone else she likes but it is completely impossible to be with them and tells Harada that she is really sorry. Harada asks if that is so and asks couldn`t she had said that sooner, Mari then says that instead of rejecting him she tried to make herself like him and that he was such a good person so she thought she could make herself do it. Harada then suggests they call it even and says that he would rather break up with someone rather than be broken up with so it feels more fair that way he then thanks her for doing that and says that if she did not do that then they would not had been able to say hello to one another when they see each other at the train station but with that they can be friends he then says that is the kind of bravery he would expect from her he then bids farewell and says that they may see each other at the school reunion and they go their separate ways. Sugiyama informs Akko and Tamamin that the two of them left and they seem to be on good terms and Akko asks Tamamin how much of the bill is hers and sees the parfait and juice bar on it, Sugiyama then says that she thinks they said something about the school reunion and Akko asks what she said and that they can`t go after them until they pay the bill. Sugiyama and Tamamin then run out and tells Akko that they will leave the bill to her Akko begins to chase them and says that she had trusted them only to bump into Mari which surprises her Akko then asks Mari what are the odds and apologizes to her and tells her that she was spying on her and tells her that she couldn`t hear anything. Mari apologizes to Akko and says that her and Harada broke up which causes Akko to wonder why she is apologizing to her and Mari tells her that she had wnet out of her way to come there and support her, Akko tells her that it was not like she was cheering her on or anything and says that she wouldn`t really call what she was doing supporting she then asks if they are broken up and says that it is great and begins to cheer. Akko in her thoughts now embarrassed says that a friend shouldn`t be happy that she`s broken up with her boyfriend and says that she should be consoling her, She then wonders if Mari was really dumped as she was not crying or anything. Akko then requests a room and has the stay up to two hours and says that she does not know enough songs for just the two of them to be singing for two hours and wonders where Tamamin and Sugiyama went. It is then revealed that they are out fooling around with Harada Tamain tells him to cheer up and that there are plenty of fish in the sea and Sugiyama asks him if he could invite some people over to a mixer with them at his school reunion but before that he should come to one with one of his friends, Tamamin then asks if he is into cosplay and says that their club does not have enough men Harada who is in shock asks who they are and wonders if they are friends of Mari`s as they have the same uniform Sugiyama then says that if they run into Mari it will just become a pity party so they should leave Mari to Akko Tamamin then asks if they should keep following Harada to get a better look at him and Sugiyama tells her yes. In the Karaoke room Akko tells Mari that she wants to sing a song by Perfume and to sing it together and Mari tells her okay Akko then notes that there are many good ones and that there is even one by AKB-48 which might be good. In her thoughts Akko notes that Mari has not been singing many songs and that if Tamamin were there she would make her sing anime songs with her, Mari then remembers what Harada had told her

Mari tells Akko all the lies she had told her.

about being brave and she tells Akko that she really does has to apologize to her and says that before the time she was at her place and asks Akko if she remembers to which Akko asks if it was when she was wearing a Yukata and Mari tells her no and that it was before that and the time when she kissed her. Akko then remembers and asks if she meant that time when she gave her some makeup and says that she really liked teaching her how to us it, She then continues and says that the next time she would teach her of more different makeup and that it was fun for her too and that she had shown her enough about eyelashes and that for eye makeup learning once is good enough. Mari then says that she is really sorry and she had lied to her and Akko asks her what it was about to which Mari says when she said she was just joking and that it was a lie Akko then begins to remember Mari`s unclear confession to her and the time when she later said it was a joke. Mari then says that it was really as Akko said and that she really was in love with someone else and that they could never be together and says that it is impossible, So she thought she could make herself like someone else but couldn`t. She then says that she does not want to cause Akko any trouble and she wants them to be normal friends just like they have always been and says that she won`t say anything more. Akko in her thoughts says that the last night she had thought of all those terrible what ifs but the current what if is one she had never even considered. Mari then begins to blush and tried to tell Akko what she means and says that she does not really think she is that kind of person but does not really know if she is not either and Akko tells her that she sees. Mari continues and says that she does not know since when and hesitantly says she loves, Akko in thought says that her heartbeat is so loud that it is drowning out the Karaoke music and that it must had been due to the microphone in her hand still being on. Mari then says that she is sorry and that it is not like she is always staring at her and Akko notes that Mari`s face is

Akko kisses Mari for the first time.

bright red and that even her earlobes and fingertips are red and wonders why she is apologizing, Mari then says she is sorry again and calls herself disgusting and Akko puts down her microphone and kisses her. In her thoughts Akko says that Mari`s lips are soft and feel nice. Mari in thought says that she closed her eyes and wished for the moment to never end.