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“That girl... She`s so cute... She`s different from me... Her hair is straight and shiny... But... She`d look even better if she cut it... She`d be even cuter then... I`d say...”
—Akko in a flashback of her meeting Mari

Chapter 20
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Volume 3
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Chapter 20 Is the twentieth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

Chapter Information[]

Urara notices Akko is still in class and asks her if she is alone and where Mari was Akko tells her that something came up and she had to go see her boyfriend, She then asks Urara what was up with her and she tells her she just came back to get her towel she then leaves and tells Akko to cheer up and that their springtime of love will come soon and Akko tells her to do her best at her club. Akko then says that it is just like back then from before the time Mari knew her, Akko says that back when she was a kid she was pretty quiet and plain and she did not think she had a dark personality or anything but she didn`t play very much or have any friends and even during recess she usually stayed in the classroom. She then

A young Akko shopping for cloths and makeup alone for the first time.

says that her mom had to work hard to support the two of them so she was often left home alone but she could do all the things she liked there and due to that she did not consider herself lonely. Akko then asks her mother about cloths and her mother says that she is really busy so she does not have time to shop, She then says that it is bad and asks Akko if she will be able to shop by herself from the station building and that she could buy whatever she wanted and hands her money. Akko tells her mother that she wants her hair straight and asks her if she could get a perm and her mother tells her that her hair type takes after her father and says that it is fine if she wants to change it and to do what she wants with it, Akko then says that once everyone saw how fashionable she had become it had become easy to make friends and she started spending time doing all kinds of fun things with her friends talking about things ranging from fashion and hairstyles. Akko then continues and says that even when she got into high school things did not change much, Sugiyama asks Akko where she had gotten the transparent mascara from and Akko tells her she had just found it at a conveinence store, Sugiyama then adds in that thin eyelashes can be good and that is the reason she likes Lancom mascara and Tamamin says that she is very sophisticated and that she just uses Deja-Vu`s mascara Sugiyama the says that it was the bubble feature of that months Up magazine Akko wonder what Up is and Sugiyama explains that it is a cosmetics magazine and she asks she she bring it next time and asks Tamamin what magazine`s she buy, Tamamin says that in middle school she bought wings. Akko says that ever since graduation she has not gotten any mail from any of her middle school friends she then wonders why it feels like something is missing and notices Mari, Akko says that she is cute and that she is different from her as her hair is straight and shiny but that she would look cuter if she cut it, Akko then asks who she is and Tamamin tells her that it is Kumakura-San. She then says that she thought Akko had knew the name of everyone Akko says that overtime she noticed that she was almost always alone and wonders if she still does not have any friends and note that it is already second term. At home Akko looks through a class list and finds Mari`s whole name and in class Akko wonders if she should try to talk to her but says that she would probably annoy her and wonders what she should do. She then says

Akko remembers her first meeting with Mari.

that if she could become friends with her and get her to cut her hair and bring a smile to her face she was sure she would be even cuter, In her room Akko says that she would look very cute with a smile on her face maybe too cute Akko then wonders what kinds of cloths she wears outside of school and what kinds of books does she read she then says that she wants to tech her all things she knows and that she wants to talk with her and laugh with her and that it would be great if she could have that kind of friendship with her. Akko then calls Mari Mari-Chan and asks her if she is going to Ichigaya and if she wanted to go home with her. It then cuts back to current time and Sugiyama and Tamamin enter and Sugiyama says that it seemed like everyone was doing well and that they needed another person for the next mixer Tamamin asks Urara what happened to her and sees her really bad sunburn across her entire body which causes Tamamin and Sugiyama to say that she is lucky to still even be alive. Kuno says that Sugiyama`s skin seemed fair still and asks if she even wore a swimsuit and Sugiyama asks her if she wants to see and takes her shirt off and says that she did get sunburnt but she has taken special care of her skin since and Tamamin adds in that she is always looking for a chance to take her cloths off. Sugiyama then pulls up her skirt and says that she always lets that area get tanned on purpose which causes Kuno to wonder what she was trying to do Urara then asks Sugiyama to teach post sunburn care to her and that she has waited her whole life to know, Sugiyama says that she doubts that somehow and that she will tell her what to use to get rid of sunburns. Tamamin the tells Sugiyama that she wants to know how that too and Sugiyama says that before she tells her she will have to show her the tan lines on her chest and begins to try to pull Tamamin`s shirt up which causes her to scream and say that it is against the rules, Tamamin then begs Sugiyama not to do it and to stop and Sugiyama asks her why she won`t let her see her weird tan lines and says that she wore a cover up the whole time they were at the beach. Mari is confused about the tan lines and Akko informs her that it was due to the weird swimsuit Tamamin had wore to the pool, Akko in her thoughts then says that today Mari is laughing just like always and she is laughing too and then wonders why she can`t look Mari in the eyes when she talks to her. Kuno then asks Mari how her summer vacation was and Mari asks her what about it Kuno then says that she was talking about with her boyfriend and asks her if they had gone to the beach or seen fireworks and asks if they had made a lot of progress and that she had already told her all about her boyfriend so she wants to know about hers. Mari says that they went to see fireworks and then says she thinks she has been dumped which shocks everyone and they ask why he would do that everyone then asks when did it happen and if it was during summer and Mari says that he didn`t say it explicitly but the other day he had said he wanted to see her so they had made plans to see each other on the way home but he never showed up, Mari then says that he also hasn`t been replying to her mails. Akko then asks if it was the other day he had called her during lunch and if nothing had happened since then and Mari tells her yes and that she has not seen him at the station since then and she thinks he is probably avoiding her they then say that it is cruel of him to do that and that he is a coward and Mari says that she does not think it is like that and that she is sure it is her fault and that he just does not want to hurt her feelings. Akko the says that it is not her fault and that it would never be Mari`s fault and that he does not have the guts to break up properly and that he is the worst, In her thoughts Akko says that Mari does not need to stop at the station but she may have kept getting off everyday to wait for him and that despite all that she keeps smiling for her and that that kind of smile is not what she wanted and that kind of feeling is worse than being alone and starts crying Akko then says that guys like that makes her sick, Kuno agrees and says that she couldn`t stand having that happen to her and also starts to cry which

Akko crying for Mari.

causes Urara to do so too as seeing others cry makes her cry too. Sugiyama asks how did they end up in that situation and that it was embarrassing, Mari the tells Akko that it was enough and attempts to console her but hesitates and pauses Mari then asks Sugiyama when the enxt mixer was going to be and if she could come and that maybe that time she would find a guy that would stick longer. Akko then says that guys at mixers are no good and that Mari can`t go and that she needs an honest guy which causes Kuno to say that she had met Ouji at a mixer and he is an honest guy probably. Akko apologizes and Urara then says that there is no such thing as an honest guy and someone agrees with it. Kuno then asks Urara what she would know about guys and that it was mean of her to say that, Sugiyama then asks Mari if she is really okay with being dumped like that and that in her experience trying to break up by cutting contact almost always ends badly and leaves behind bitter feelings for both parties and says that she should try to find a chance to apologize otherwise she may never get the chance to do so. Akko in her thoughts then says that over the bell and Tamamin blowing her nose she could not hear Mari`s response but she thinks she said she was going to meet up with her boyfriend again and that the pain in her chest was too great to say anything.