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“I know that it`s selfish... But... I wish that the person Mari liked... Really was me.”

Chapter 19
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Volume 3
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Chapter 19 Is the nineteenth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

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Akko apologizes to Mari for her place being a mess and tells her to find a place to sit she then asks Mari if there is anything she wants for supper and if it is something she can make she will make it, Mari tells her that she had ate before coming there and Akko says that she is right and she would had eaten something good at the festival. Akko then leave and says she has to heat something up and asks Mari did she want any tea and she says yes, Mari then remembers what she had said to Akko and the time she kissed her for the second time and wonders how she could had said something like that to Akko. Akko then says that making supper for just one person is too much trouble so she has just been eating convenience store bentos, Mari then says that it reminds her of how Tamamin got fat over winter vacation and asks Akko if it was from her eating convenience store bentos Akko says that it is okay and that starting the next day she was going to eat only noodles and Mari laughs and says that Akko is extreme. Akko tells her that they have a bunch of noodles that no one wants to eat Akko then says in her thoughts that it was good that they were talking normally again, Akko says that it had been a long time since Mari had come to her place and says that the last time was but then pauses there and begins to blush she then quickly changes the subject and tells Mari that she is wearing makeup and Mari says that she is right and that it was mascara just like she had taught her Akko then says that there is something she wanted to show to Mari and shows her the new swimsuit she had gotten. Mari says that it really suits Akko and Akko tells her that she is going to the pool the next week with Tamamin and tells her that she had sent her mail about it which causes Mari to apologize to her and tell her that she did not respond to it, Akko then asks her if she will come too and Mari tells her that she can`t go. Akko says that it is okay and that she must be really busy with her boyfriend and that it must be more fun to be with him than with her friends at the pool. Akko then wonders why she is being sarcastic like that with Mari and then tells her that it is okay and that she would have had to put up with Tamamin`s antics if she had came and that she already has someone else coming along so it would be fine Akko then wonders in her mind why she is acting so strangely. Akko shows Mari a photo of Tamamin`s swimsuit and Mari asks her of that is really a swimsuit and if she could really swim in that, Mari then says that it has gotten late and she has to leave and says that she had a lot of fun Akko then begs Mari not to go and to stay there with her. Akko asks Mari if the pajamas will be fine and if she wanted to take a bath and Mari says that a bath would be fine but it had already gotten so late Mari then thanks Akko for before calling her parents as she is bad at using regular phones, Akko then says that her parents must really trust her to stay over and that for all they know she could be out with her boyfriend. While laying down Akko tells Mari that she is really good at wearing a Yukata and Mari says that it`s not that hard to do and that she had put the one she had on herself, In her thoughts Akko says that normally in a situation like that she would she would want to hear all the details and she wonders why she can`t ask the question now she then hears Mari phone beeping and she asks if it is her boyfriend and Mari says that it is and she was just thanking him for today. Akko then says that she sees and tells Mari that she is tired and goodnight it is then revealed that it was not Harada but Mari who was sending a mail apologizing for what happened at the festival, Mari then begins to tell Akko something but sees that she is asleep. Akko in her thoughts says that everyone is Sugiyama`s boyfriend and she has no idea what kind of people Tamamin associates with so she does not know why now when it is Mari who has a boyfriend that it hurts so much Akko then begins to cry. Harada checks his phone and reads Mari`s mail to him but puts his phone down and does not reply. The next week Akko says that after that she had wnet to the pool with Tamamin, Sugiyama and Urara and that Tamamin was not paying attention and ended up with weird tan lines and as revenge for making her come to the pool Sugiyama made everyone go to the beach with her and for the rest of summer vacation she had not seen Mari at all. At class Akko asks Kuno and Urara how they had been and notes that Urara had turned black and her skin was peeling and Urara says that she did not want to talk about it, Kuno tells her that she forgot to take her sunscreen with her during her clubs training camp and Urara adds in that not only did they have training camp but they had club practice during summer vacation. Mari then enters and Urara says that she had been waiting for her and so did Kuno Akko in her thoughts says that she that she didn`t get any mail from Mari saying when she would be at the train station and she had wnet at the usual time but she didn`t come she then continues and says that she waited but she still did not come so she had assumed she had came earlier and had already gotten the train. Kuno then asks Mari if she would let her copy her homework and that she was only able to get half of the work done and Urara asks the same Mari asks about Akko and asks her did she get her homework done and Akko tells her that she didn`t yet. Mari then says that it can`t be helped and asks Akko what parts she did not finish and Akko tells her it was the math Kuno says that it was as expected of Mari and that hers is math too and to let her copy and Mari says that it is fine but Akko gets to see first, Akko in her thoughts then says that it is like meeting at the train station every morning meant nothing to her she then wonders if Mari considers her her best friend she then continues and says that before summer vacation they were closer to each other than they were to Urara and Kuno and that Mari must realize that too. Akko then says that the time when Mari made it seem like the person she liked might be her it really scared her as she didn`t know what to do. Outside Mari tells Akko that Tamamin`s club was going to do a performance for the cultural festival Akko tells her that it would have something to do with manga or anime and asks Mari if it is a cosplay skit but she does not know what it is. Akko then says that she guesses they will get stuck their class that year too, Mari`s phone begins to ring and she tells Akko that it will only be a minute and Akko tells her that it is no problem and to take as long as she needed. While sitting Akko says that even though she knows it is selfish she had wished the person Mari liked really was her.