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“This really is the best place to see them from! Much better than your Verandah right? ........”
—Harada to Mari

Chapter 18
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Pages 20
Volume 3
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Chapter 18 Is the eighteenth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

Chapter information[]

Mari wonders if the cloths she has on will be okay she then thinks about the talk she had with Akko about her being able to see the firework from her Verandah since her house is so close to where the festivals are. Mari then gets a mail from Akko asking if she wants to go to the pool with her and Tamamin Mari then says that even though Akko has not mailed her in so long she is acting like nothing is out of the ordinary, She then asks her mother can she go to the festival and she says that she thought she did not like going to festivals as it gets so crowded. At the festival Mari apologizes to Harada for being so late and she tells him that her mom made her change into a Yukata And Harada says it is okay as there is plenty of time before the fireworks start, Harada then informs Mari that there are

Harada and Mari witness the fireworks.

many food carts and asks her if she wants to get something to eat and she tells him okay. Harada tells her that she looks great in a Yukata and Mari thanks him, He then sees Mari looking at her phone and he asks her if something is wrong with it Mari tells him that there is nothing wrong and it is just that her phone can`t fit in her back so she has to carry it, She then continues and says that the bag is too small and it does not really go well with the Yukata. Harada asks Mari if she can wait there while he goes to buy something from the cart and Mari asks if they can go together and he says it`s okay and asks her if she wanted Yaki Soba and she tells him yes and waits. As the fireworks go Harada is impressed and says that it really is the best place to see them from and asks Mari if it is better than seeing them from her Verandah, He then asks Mari if she would like to take a new cell phone strap he then says that earlier he had noticed her cell phone didn`t have a strap on it and that with it it should be easier for her to carry around her phone and tells her that he bought it back at the cart and they were being sold at a cheap price he then says that he got one for himself too and Mari thanks him for the strap. Harada then asks if she wants him to put it on for her and she says yes and thanks him, Harada then remembers the talk he had with Nagashima and attempts to kiss Mari. In her room Akko says it is pointless and says that her eyes hurt and she gives up she then continues and says she had went through the trouble of borrowing the games from

Harada tries to kiss Mari.

Tamamin but she can`t even look at them, She then looks at her phone and says that she had went to the trouble of buying the swimsuit. Akko then says that she should send a picture of it but says that is something Tamamin would do, On her way out of the store Akko in her thoughts says that Mari used to always to her mails right away but she guesses that she must be busy now that she has a boyfriend, She then notices a Yukata and she begins to wonder if it is time for the Obon festival She then notices it is Mari and calls her which leaves Mari frozen with shock, Mari then begins to run away and Akko chases her. After she catches up Akko asks Mari why she was running away from her and Mari says sorry to her and Akko says that it`s not an answer she then asks what brings her to the neighborhood and that she almost did not recognize her in a Yukata and that she should had mailed or called her if she was coming around the area Akko then asks if she went to the festival since she was in a Yukata and Mari says that she did go and that it was close to her house, Akko then says that she would had gone with her boyfriend and that she looks cute in a Yukata and he must had been really happy. Akko then notices her phone strap and Mari tells her they had gotten new ones together Akko says that it is great and that the two of them are lovey dovey Akko then begins to tightly grip her phone in her pocket she then asks

Akko sees Mari in her Yukata.

Mari if she would like to come to her house as she is about to have dinner, Mari asks if it is really okay and Akko tells her that her mother is on a business trip so ever since summer vacation she has had to cook for herself. Akko then asks Mari did the two of the leave the festival separately after it ended and asks if they atleast went for tea Mari tells her no. Akko in her thoughts notes that it is early for the fireworks to be over and that they usually end at nine and that she must had come there by train she then wonders if she had come there on purpose by herself. Akko then asks Mari if he tried to force something on her against her will and asks if she is okay Mari says that she is okay and that it was not something like that and that it is normal for them to do things together Akko agrees and says that since it`s her she is really shocked and asks Mari if they had kissed to which she says they did. Akko then hesitantly asks if they went further than that and Mari says yes which surprises Akko she then remembers what Urara had said to her, After she asks Mari if she thought it was a bit early to be doing that since they had only been dating for a month. Mari tells her that she does not think it is too early and asks Akko if she had done the same thing she then asks didn`t she during last summer vacation and that is what she had heard and that now with that she is just like Akko.