“I thought that it looked good But for training camp something plain like this is probably better...”
—Urara to Akko

Chapter 17
Chapter 17
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Chapter 17 Is the seventeenth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

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Akko wakes up and heads to the kitchen and says that the end of term tests are over and she had barely passed and she had skipped the closing ceremony to check out what was left of summer sales, She then says that last years summer was fun and the current years is just beginning. She then checks her phone mail and sees that Mari had sent a message but she does not reply and says that somehow summer vacation seemed a lot more boring than she remembered it being, Akko`s phone begins to ring and she picks it up and she says that it is just Urara and that it was too bad, Urara then says that being told something like that really hurts and Akko laughs and says that she was only joking. Urara then asks Akko if she had eaten yet and she says that she is having breakfeast at that moment which causes Urara to tell her that it is already noon and that she has to wake up three days of the week at 6 A.M for tennis practice and it is like she does not get summer vacation she then asks Akko if she is free and if she wants to go shopping. At the store Akko asks Urara if she has to buy a swimsuit and she says that she does as she has to go to training camp at the beach Akko then asks her if she already has one and she says that she does but it would be embarrassing to wear the same one as she did last year, Urara then asks Akko if she had bought a swimsuit yet this year and Akko
Swimsuit test

Akko tries on the new swimsuit.

says that she had not yet. She is then reminded of the mail she had gotten from Tamamin yesterday and Tamamin said in the message that she was going to get a super cute swimsuit and she was going to go to the pool at Hydropolis the next week and according to Sugiyama the odds of getting picked up are high so she is definitely going to get a good boyfriend which causes Akko to say that she could not believe she is that serious of it, Urara then asks Akko how her swimsuit is. Akko tells her that it is cute and that it is really Urara like and she thanks her for it, Urara then says that she thought that it looked good but for her training camp maybe she should get something more plain Akko says that she does not think it is true and that it`s not really erotic or anything, Urara then informs Akko that the senpais will make fun of her if she wears something flashier than them like the last year when they really picked on the second years. Akko tells her that she didn`t know sports clubs were like that and Urara tells her that they are Akko then goes to check around the store to see what they have. Akko in her thoughts says that she still has her striped bikini from the last year so she does not really need a new one but since she is there she may aswell try one on after trying the bikini on Akko says that it is cute as she thought and even though she she didn`t plan on buying anything she should had known she would want to buy it after trying it on, She then decides to try on the other one and while putting it on she says that even without putting it on she could already tell it did not fit her image she then begins to think about Mari in the swimsuit and her thanking her for the compliment of her looking nice in it. Akko then says in the end she decided to buy both and
Akko imagines

Akko thinks of how Mari would look in the other swimsuit she got.

Urara says that she spent all her money even though it was all for training camp, Akko asks her if she had liked the bikini`s when she tried them on and if she did then it was not a total waste and Urara then asks her what she means and when else would she wear one, She asks Akko if she had any club activities that week and if not would she want to come to the pool with them Akko then asks if they could also go next month as just going once isn`t enough for it to not be a waste. Urara then remembers that Akko had gotten a swimsuit too and she asks her if she got a bikini and she says that she did and she had to as it was so cute she then continues and says that Tamamin`s swimsuit looks cute enough t eat, Urara agrees and says that it is a complete defeat but in that case it was probably better not to win Akko then notes that she must had made the tail and ears for it herself. Urara asks her if it is just her and Tamamin going and asks if Mari is going too which causes Akko`s heart to race a bit she then hesitantly tells her that she thought about inviting her and considered weather or not she should, Urara then says that she sees and that she is going to flirt with guys but Mari has already gotten a boyfriend who she will probably be busy with all summer vacation and that she has noticed it has been harder to get in touch with her. Akko says that she is right and that she can`t mail her in case she interrupts a date, Urara says that she thinks that mailing would be okay but calling would be out of the question as she wouldn`t want to call them in the middle of sex which shocks Akko. Urara then asks if Kuno`s boyfriend used to be a single university student and continues telling her that once summer vacation began she spent four days and three nights at his place and they had told her parents she was having a sleepover together with them and that during summer vacation there is only one thing girls with boyfriends want to do. Akko whispers that Mari isn`t but stops midway and Urara asks her what it is and she says that it is nothing, In her thoughts Akko says that she wanted to say that Mari isn`t that kind of girl but if she said that she would look stupid she then continues and says that what Mari`s relationship actually is she does not know. On the phone Harada asks Mari if a friend took her to get her haircut and she tells him yes but up until then she had never considered ever cutting it, Harada then says he was really surprised when he saw how much she changed but that her new haircut really suits her and that her friend must really understand her and she agrees. He then tells her that he has to go to work and hangs up, Mari then checks her phone mail only to see it was empty she then lays down and says that summer vacation somehow felt long. At his job Nagashima is shocked to hear the two of them still have not done anything together yet and that they have not met at all since summer vacation started even though they live near each other and asks if he is an idiot, He then asks if they had been going out for a month and says that normally they would had atleast kissed by then and that his dates are not really dates and more like a study group. Harada then tells them that the girl he is with is clean and pure so that is how things are, Nagashima then says that he is a moron and asks who told him there were high school girls like that and says that girls are calculating and that she is probably waiting for a good sale and that girls are sluts and that she is probably with someone else. Harada then says that he is a guy with some pretty twisted views of girls and he tells Harada that it all comes from hearing his sister and her friends talking on the phone and says that he does not have dreams about girls anymore and that girls those days are not pure like Harada. He then asks Harada if he wants to do it with Mari they then leave and he asks Harada to show him a photo of her but he does not have one and he asks him if he really has a girlfriend. Nagashima then tells Harada that is is really trying to give him some serious advice as he does not want him to have regrets he then asks what he means and he tells
Mari bored

Mari after seeing there was no mail from Akko for her.

him that in spring he is in a relationship with his nice virgin girlfriend but then during summer she happens to get picked up by some guy at the beach and by fall she goes to a hotel and is a virgin no more and says that it is pretty much how it goes, Nagashima then says that it is too much for him and that if it was him he would have done it within three days Harada in his thoughts says that with an attitude like that his relationships will only last up to three days he then says that in truth he really is afraid and that even though they have been going out for a month he still does not have any confidence. Nagashima then asks Harada what he is saying and that if she is going out with him that means she likes him and asks him if they have liked each other since elementary school he then asks Harada if he has a day off the next day and tells him to take advantage of that opportunity. Akko in her room says that in the end she decided on both swimsuits and says that since Mari does not have one if she invited her to the pool she could lend it to her and it would not be a waste of money she then says that even though it is true Mari may not like it and she begins to think back on Mari unclear confession to her and says that she should not and that even though they talked everything out their friendship is not back to normal yet, She then says that she still does not want the swimsuit to go to waste and says she will invite Mari and she will be sure to mail her in the morning. Mari checks her phone to see a mail from Harada asking of the Fireworks festival she then remembers that there will be one soon and notes that she had not gone since she was a kid she then agrees to go and says that he is a nice person and she is sure she can come to like him.
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