“Mari, Are you wearing perfume? I didn`t notice until now... But the area around here smells really good!”
—Akko to Mari

Chapter 16
Chapter 16
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Volume 3
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Chapter 16 Is the sixteenth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

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Akko says that at first she was afraid of the thought of seeing Mari as she didn`t know what she would do when but despite that she still waited for her everyday and she wonders why. Mari then tells her good morning and apologizes to Akko and says that she was in bed the whole time and that was the reason she did not mail her, Akko then says it is okay and that she was really busy at the time so she could not mail either. She then asks Mari if
Mari lie

Mari lie`s to Akko about the other day being a joke.

her cold is better and she says that it is and that it was because it was cold the past few days and Akko says that it always gets cold for awhile at the end of spring, Mari then says that the person next to her had an umbrella and it had dripped water on her skirt and Akko tells her that she would had yelled at him for it. Akko in her thoughts then says that when she finally did meet Mari she just acted like she always did and it felt good to see Mari laughing face again and she felt she could naturally talk to her again. Akko then begins to ask Mari of the other day and Mari says that she is really sorry and that the other day she said all kinds of things about the person she likes and she had probably made her worry and that she had made such a weird joke and probably made her worry and asks if she will forgive her. Akko in thought says that it was like everything had gone back to the way it was before and everyday Mari arrives at the platform with a smiling face and that she is her closest and best friend but somehow things seem a bit different. In class Akko asks Mari if she is wearing perfume and she asks Akko if she had noticed and that she is wearing a little bit of it, Akko then says that she didn`t notice until then and that the area around her smelled good Akko and Mari then begin to stare at each other affectionately. Kuno then comes in and says that she lent it to her during lunch break because Mari said that she had a date after school Urara then says that Mari is okay but Kuno is wearing too much and is stinking the whole room up, Kuno

Akko and Mari affectionately stare at one another after Akko notices her perfume.

says that she does not think the smell is that strong and Urara tells her that it`s because she is wearing so much that she has lost her sense of smell, Kuno then says that it is because it is her favorite perfume Baby Doll from Yves Saint Laurent and that Ouji said that he had liked it and that if a perfume is popular with guys wearing it will make you popular with guys. Urara then wonders where she was keeping the bottle as she had pulled it from nowhere Akko then adds in that she didn`t have to wear so much of it, Kuno then says that she usually puts around her chest but this time she had put iton her neck, stomach and behind her ears using both hands Urara then adds in that it is too much. Akko then remembers what Sugiyama had said and informs them that she had said that if they put it in places like their wrists or behind the ears the heat will cause it to evaporate into the air causing annoyance to everyone and that instead they should put it in place like the waist and between the thighs Kuno then says that it is no surprise from Sugiyama and that she wished she could be as erotic as she was. Kuno then remembers that Mari has a boyfriend too and that she should get something that will capture his attention by shocking him and Urara says that only she would try something like that. Kuno then adds in that it is almost summer and that something fruity would be good like Anna Sui`s Angel heart. Kuno then says that Urara would be popular with the guys too if she wore perfume and Urara tells her that because of her club she can only use Biore`s Sarasara sheets and that the sheets are scented too and shows her a blue apple one. Kuno then says that it is true and that it does have a fruity smell to it and Urara tells her that it still does not make her popular with the guys and Kuno says that maybe she should try the peach scent. Akko in her thoughts says that Mari has told them more about her boyfriend such as him liking her since elementary school but after they went to different middle schools and didn`t meet again yet he always kept thinking of her, Once they started high school he sometimes saw her on the subway platform and started thinking about talking to her. Akko then says that is what Mari said and she asks how could such a pure high school boy possibly exist and asks why didn`t he confess to Mari while she was in middle school and notes that she gave him chocolate, Akko then says that it is more like he wasn`t really interested in her back then but became interested after seeing how cute she had become now and decided to confess to her and says that it is obvious how it is and asks Tamamin if she thought the same. Tamamin then says she understand s how she feels and asks if she is just jealous and Akko says that she is not Tamamin then says that she is sure that she is jealous and that Mari was able to become cute and fashionable because of Akko and due to that she should consider it a big achievement. Akko then says that Mari was already cute when she met her and Tamamin tells her that there is no helping it and that she is just jealous because Mari got a real boyfriend before she did, Akko then says that she guesses she was right in her thoughts she says that there is no way that it can be true. Tamamin then says that she will have to get one too instead of a summer romance like the last year and that this years she should try to get a real boyfriend, Akko then wonders when did that ever become a summer romance. Tamamin then says that this year she is going to find a boyfriend too who has the same hobbies as her and one who likes to cosplay and read manga Akko adds in that she feels sorry for him and. In her thoughts Akko says that she can`t believe she was worried about Mari and says that she is stupid but then says that Mari is stupid, Akko then tells Tamamin that they should do it and that she will get a boyfriend too and Tamamin says that it is almost summer vacation so they will be able to go flirting at the beach, Akko then says that she realized that it is almost summer and asks are they going to be in trouble as they have not been studying at all and Tamamin says that is because the manga she has she has never read it before and asks Akko if she has the next
Tamamin and akko

Tamamin tells Akko that she is probably jealous of Mari.

volume. Mari says that on that day she was nervous going up to the train platform and that she didn`t know if she would see Akko at the top or not and she had not mailed her, She then says that she didn`t know if she would wait like always and she didn`t know if she would still let her be her friend someone then apologizes to Mari for being late and asks her if Oolong tea would be okay. At the restaurant Harada says that the drink bar was lined up and asks her that instead of going to the restaurant that sunday would she prefer the library, Mari tells him no and that it is okay and thanks him he then asks her how far the next test at her school will go and Mari says up to that chapter that she is on. Harada then says that it is good and that he can help her out and that he is a little bit ahead of where she is Mari says nothing and he asks if something is wrong and Mari says that nothing is wrong and asks if he wants to study with her. In her thoughts she wonders if Akko is studying for the term tests too, Harada then asks her if there is anywhere she wants to go during summer vacation and that it is coming soon and he is looking forward to spending it with her, Mari then says in her thoughts that summer is coming soona nd she won`t see Akko for more than a month and that it was good enough that she was able to become friends with Akko again and she does not need more than that so she would not speak of her true feelings again and wonders if that is for the best or not.
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