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“For how long... Has she felt this way... Moreover... She didn`t explicitly say that she was... At that time... But... Mari`s face... I probably really hurt her... No... For sure I did... Why didn`t I realize? Aren`t I her friend?”
—Akko thinking of Mari`s muddled confession to her

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Chapter 15 Is the fifteenth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

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Akko says that a kiss between friends isn`t something that`s ever had any special meaning to her and that she has done it all the time while playing around and having photo booth photos taken, She then continues and says that with guys it`s completely different she then says that it is silly and wonders what she is getting nervous for and enters the class. Urara says that she is late again and Akko tells her that she had overslept again and it definitely was not because she had come late on purpose Kuno then adds that it is a good thing she decided to show up just when they were switching classrooms. Akko then asks where Mari is and if she had already changed rooms and Urara tells her that she is away which surprises Akko she then asks her doesn`t she usually meet up with her in the morning and Akko tells her that since she was in such a hurry she didn`t have time to mail her, Kuno wonders if something is wrong since Mari did not mail her and says that maybe she is late too. Akko then says that she had not checked yet and begins to check her phone only to see that Mari had not mailed her, On the next day Naru says that Mari is absent again and the day after Naru announces that there will be a crime prevention seminar during 5th and 6th period. In the hallway Akko meets with Naru which causes her to ask Akko what she wants and that the warning bell had already rung, Akko asks her if she had heard of Mari`s absence and Naru says that she had gotten a call from her mother. Nari informs Akko that her mother had said she had gotten a bad cold or something but says that since it had been three days she is starting to get worried and wonders if all the rain they had been having recently had been hurting Mari`s health, Naru then remembers that Akko is Mari`s friend and asks her if she knew how she was doing and Akko tells her that she had not spoken to her recently so she does not know either. Naru then says that she should talk to her on that day and ask her how she is doing sinceshe is worried about her too, Nari then continues and says that she is too busy preparing for the seminar to do anything and wishes Akko luck and tells her to make sure she tells her about the crime prevention seminar she then leaves as the bell is ringing and Akko tries to tell her to wait. Akko then wonder if that is for real and wonders if she bought it on herself, At the resteraunt Sugiyama asks Akko what is the problem and asks how it involves her. Akko then asks her if she is healthy and wouldn`t catch a cold and asks her if she could mail Mari for her. Sugiyama then says that she is in a different class and it would be weird for her to send a message from Naru and tells Akko that she would know how to mail Mari better and that her hair has been acting up so she had to get home, Akko says that she gets it and says that if she mailed her she is not sure weather or not she would reply. Sugiyama asks Akko why that is and asks her if she and Mari had gotten in a fight and Akko tells her that it was something like that and Sugiyama says that it is unusual for that to happen. Akko in her thoughts says that she is sure the reason Mari has not mailed her is because she is trying to avoid her but by not mailing her she is doing the same thing as Mari. Sugiyama then asks her isn`t that all the more reason to mail her and that whatever they are fighting over must be over something stupid and tells Akko that she should ask her for help with guys once in awhile as that is something she would know about and that whenever she wants to talk it is always about Mari. Akko then says that she does have something else to talk about and says that it is about a friend of hers and that the girl has a friend she is really close to and it seemed that the friend seems to like her or something because that friend kissed her and asks Sugiyama what she thinks and what she should do. Sugiyama then says that if she does not dislike him why doesn`t she just try going out with him and Akko says that she sees and after hesitating yells out that they can`t do that because their both girls, Sugiyama asks if they really are both girls and asks if it may just be some kind of misunderstanding and says that they just kissed and asks if she had made a confession of love or anything. She then continues and says that her and Tamamin have kissed at least a hundred times and Akko says that it is also true but she thinks that that case is different and that the girl was crying. Sugiyama says that she still didn`t a confession so it still may be okay and asks Akko if she knows that things can`t continue that way which surprises Akko and asks her if it`s impossible which causes Akko to remember what she had said earlier, Sugiyama then says that she has no choice but to politely reject her otherwise they will lose their friendship. Akko in her thoughts says that she sees and that depending on how she responds she may lose her friendship with Mari. Sugiyama then interrupts and says that she probably should not mention that in her mail to Mari and tells her to get to it before things get really bad and Akko tells Sugiyama not to forget that she was only talking about her friend and she says that she knows and says that she hopes her and Mari make up quickly. Akko the nervously gets up and says that she was just going to the bathroom. In her room Akko thinks back on Mari`s unclear confession and wonders how long she has felt that way and that she was not explicitly talking about her and wonders if she was really talking about her, She then thinks of how Mari was crying and says that she had probably really hurt her and wonders why she didn`t see. And says that she has to mail her she then continues and says that Sugiyama had said that it might be a misunderstanding and wonders if that it is really possible and says that even though she is her friend not seeing her a school made her feel relieved. Akko then says that she does not want to lose her most important friend but even though she does not want to lose her right now seeing Mari is the scariest thing in the world for her.