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“It feels so nice... Her fingers are so soft and cool... Her voice is so close to my ears... But when I feel the heat from her body... When I feel her breath on my cheek... It hurts so much I start to cry...”
—Mari`s thoughts as Akko puts makeup on her

Chapter 14
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Pages 20
Volume 2
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Chapter 14 Is the fourteenth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

Chapter Information[]

Akko complains that the rain and humidity at that time of year is the worst and that she had just gotten her hair done at the salon a week ago, Urara tells Akko that she had finally gotten to school and Akko tells her that her hair was a mess that morning and asks her if she understands. Urara says that she understands and asks if she was shocked too and couldn`t get any sleep and says that she never thought in a million years that Mari would beat her She then about Mari`s boyfriend. Kuno is shocked that Mari gave him chocolates in elementary school and tells Mari that it is the fulfillment of first love and that it was romantic Mari then hesitantly agrees and says in her thoughts that she didn`t remember him until he told her and that when she was in sixth grade her and some other girls gave chocolate to him and it was just due to him being popular. Kuno then says that Mari is lucky that they live close together and that it takes her an hour to get to Ouji`s house and they cannot meet after school as he works, Akko then enters and Mari tells her good morning. Kuno says that she is late and Akko tells her it was due to her hair being a mess Kuno then asks if Akko heard of the news and Akko says that she did and congradulates Mari on it which causes Mari to hesitantly thank her. Akko then asks Mari why she had kept it secret and that she should had told her about it which surprises Kuno as Akko didn`t know either, Akko then asks Kuno when did it happen and she tells her that he had confessed to Mari on Monday. Mari in her thoughts says that she had kept it a secret from Akko because she thought she would get mad but as far as Akko is concerned it is not important to her. Mari phone then begins to make noise and Urara asks her if it is mail from her boyfriend Mari Mari tells everyone that she would be back, Kuno then mentions that Akko used to be the one that mailed her every morning and Urara wonders if

Akko putting makeup on Mari for her date with Harada.

Akko will get jealous that Mari got a boyfriend and tells her that the two of them should do their best. On their walk back Akko asks Mari if they had gone on a date yet Mari doesn`t answer but says that they rode the train together that morning and that on sunday they were going to see a movie, Akko asks her what time she has to be there and Mari tells her that she has to be at Shibuya by noon Akko tells her that before she goes to stop by her house. Which surprises Mari Akko then says that she had told Mari before that she would teach her about makeup and that she will give her some makeup to make her pretty for her date and says that it is her best friends first date and that she has to support her. Mari in her thoughts says that before the word best friend used to fill her with happiness but now it makes her feel a little bit sad, In the house Akko mentions that she heard it would rain that afternoon and that it was awful. Akko then says that Mari one piece dress is cute and that she is really going out Mari then mentions in thought that Akko was the one she wanted to show the dress to, Akko then begins to put makeup on Mari and as she is putting it on Mari says that her fingers feel nice and that her voice is close to her and that when she feels the heat from her body and her breath on her cheek it hurts her so much Mari then begins to cry, Akko apologizes as she thinks she got the mascara in her eye she then puts clear lip gloss on Mari and finishes up and asks her how it is. Mari says that her eyes look big and Akko tells her that she didn`t have to put much on her eyelashes as her eyes were already big to begin with she then continues and says that her boyfriend will be in awe when he sees that she is cuter than usual Mari then wonders if she is doing the right thing and tells Akko that maybe she should not go. She then continues and says with the rain it`s not really a good day for going out Akko then tells her

Mari crying as she tells Akko a muddled confession of her feelings for her.

that she is going to a movie theater and asks why would the rain be a problem and says that she is not the kind of girl who cancels things at the last minute, Akko tells her that at the moment she should just send him a mail and asks Mari what his name is to which she says it is Harada-Kun, Akko then asks Mari what his first name was and Mari doesn`t know which surprises Akko as she does not know his first name. She then asks Mari isn`t it weird and that he is the person she had liked since elementary school and that it is odd she does not know his first name, She then continues and says that it is also strange that she had kept her boyfriend a secret for the past few days and that it is possible she forgot to mention it a few times and that even if the was so they send each other mail everyday so she had many opportunities to tell her. She then continues and says that even though he is the person she liked up until then she has not mentioned him at all once and asks Mari does she really like him and asks is she just taking pity on him and going out with him even though she does not like him she then asks Mari if she thinks it is unfair to do that after he goes through the trouble of confessing to her and asks her what if she had a person she liked go out with her out of pity how would she feel. Mari then says that she would feel happy if it were because of pity or because of anything but no matter what it is impossible and that there is no way her

Mari kisses Akko for the second time.

love will ever be fulfilled and begins crying, Akko then asks her if there is someone she likes and asks what kind of guy he is and tells her not to worry as it will be fulfilled and that she is cute with a great personality and if she were a guy she would fall head over heels for her. Mari then pushes Akko to the floor and tells Akko that just like always she is being cruel and kisses her and asks her if she sees then leaves. Outside Mari wonders if she had smudged the gloss she had on.