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“You should take off your Cardigan too, Mari. It`s warm out today.”
—Akko to Mari

Chapter 13
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Pages 20
Volume 2
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Chapter 13 Is the thirteenth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

Chapter Information[]

In her thoughts Mari says that she could still feel Akko`s hand in her but even so there was another person who has felt even more of her. Akko and Ouji arrive back and Kuno asks the two of them what they were doing, Akko tells her that she had mistook him for someone else and Ouji says that a long time ago she had fallen in a river and nearly drowned but an Onii-San saved her and that she thought he looked like him. Ouji then continues and says that he thought she looked like his friends younger sister so he had mistaken her, Akko apologizes for interrupting their date. Kuno believes the whole story and both Akko and Ouji note in thought that she is an idiot, Kuno and Ouji leave and Akko asks Mari if she can believe those two and that they are embarrassing. Akko turns to see that Mari is not looking well and asks her what is wrong and Mari tells her that nothing is wrong. The next morning Mari wakes up on the floor in front of her bed and says that she must had fallen asleep without noticing and looks at the clock and sees that it is time for her to go to school, Mari says that she thought about it all night and that she really loves her best friend but that they are both girls is the reason they can`t be together. In her thoughts Mari says that lovers often break up but as friends her and Akko can be together forever, Akko tells Mari that she should take her Cardigan off as it is warm and Mari agrees to it Mari then tells Akko that she smells good which surprises Akko and she tells Mari that she can`t smell it but she had used peach body butter.

Akko holds Mari`s skirt from behind which surprises Mari.

Mari asks her if she had gotten it yesterday and Akko tells her that she did and that she had put some on her elbow in the morning and that starting that day they are to wear their summer uniforms. Mari in her thoughts says that getting married and having children one day that day will come and because of that it is the closest Akko and her will ever be their entire lives and that it is something she can`t change while staring at Akko Mari notes that her skin is pretty. While walking up the stairs Akko puts her hand on Mari butt which both shocks and flusters her, Akko tells her that she is careless and that the summer skirt is lighter so she has to be careful on stairs Mari says that she can feel her hand a bit but she wants to touch Akko more and wants to be closer to Akko and feel her more like the man from last summer. Sugiyama shows up and asks what is going on in the class and that it smells like Hawaii in there Kuno apologizes for making her come in there just for that and tells her to wait in the class, Sugiyama asks what perfume they are using and Urara says that they are not using any but instead are using body butter and that she is using manga scent and Akko says that she is using coconut. Sugiyama tells Mari that they stink like the tropics and Mari tells her that it had become really popular since Akko started using it, Akko then puts her leg up and says that due to so much exposure it is making her skin dry and Sugiyama tells her that show knows what she means and that her heels get dry from wearing Mules Sugiyama then asks if they should lend that to Mari which confuses her. Akko then tells Mari that her lips had been getting a bit dry and

Akko and urara show Sugiyama the body butter they are using.

that she should use the chap stick she has and gives it to her Mari thanks her and wonders if it is like putting on sunscreen. Sugiyama says that it has a really good SPF and Akko says that a good SPF is essential and that spring is when UV rays are at their strongest. Mari looks at the chap stick given to her by Akko and thinks of it as an indirect kiss but that they had already kissed for real. She then continues and says that at that time Akko was asleep and that was the only reason she was able to kiss her, Kuno then returns and tells Sugiyama that she has a gift for her and tells her that it was because thanks to her she was able to meet Ouji and that the gift was a thanks for that. Sugiyama remembers that it was from that mixer she had set and that she is happy they had hit it off, Sugiyama then almost slips up about what happened with Akko and Ouji but Akko manages to get Sugiyama to stop just in time. Sugiyama then goes to Akko and apologizes and tells Akko that if she wants she can come to the next mixer. Akko in her thoughts notes that if only she had known the truth and then asks Sugiyama if their break time is almost over and Sugiyama tells her that it is. She then says that their is a guy she wants to introduce Akko to and that he has a great personality and asks Akko if she can give him her E-mail address when she next sees him which surprises Akko and she says that it came out of nowhere. Sugiyama laughs and then informs her that she had already given it to him which causes Akko to ask her what she did and she explains that he really liked the cell phone photo her she had showed him, Sugiyama then continues and says the next mixer should be one where they all go together and that she will get Tamamin to go too she then asks Mari what kind of guys does she like which makes Akko notice that she also doesn`t know and asks Mari what kind she likes Mari does not answer. On the train Mari in her thoughs says that she wished she had realized sooner and that as expected she feels terrible, She then begins to wonder when Akko is going to reply to her mail and says that it is awful and she doesn`t want to think about it. She then notes that she had missed the train home and begins to put on the chap stick Mari then says that the next time Akko goes out with someone she would not be able to stand it and begins to cry, She then says that she is being unreasonable and that she needs to stop being that way and that she should let Akko be with

The man from before shows up again.

whoever she likes and wonders how. The man from before shows up and tells her that they had spoken the other day and that he had saw her while looking out the train window so he had gotten off at Nakao Kachimachi and rode the train back to where she is. He then asks her is she waiting for someone and she tells him that she is not, Mari wonders what he is doing standing there and he nervously asks her what she is doing and that there is something else and the reason he took the train back was because he really wanted to talk with her. He then asks Mari if there is anyone she is going out with and if there isn`t anyone would she go out with him, he then continues and says that they never spoke in middle school but in elementary school and mail Mari then clenches the chap stick Akko had given her and tells him that she will go out with him.