“I`m cute? no way. I just wear makeup. I put it on my cheeks. I wear mascara too.”
—Akko to Mari

Chapter 12
Chapter 12
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Chapter 12 Is the twelth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

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Mari wonders if whether or not what she feels for Akko is love as she had never been in love before and especially not with a girl. Kuno asks Mari if she is staring at Akko to which she says she is and Kuno asks her why and Mari tells her it is because Akko is so cute which causes everyone to stare at Mari in silence, Mari now embarrassed tells them that
Mari Stare

Mari stares at Akko.

she meant her cheeks are really pink and cute and that they look really soft. Mari then thinks she has made things worse and has dug her own grave but Urara says that she knows what she means and that her skin really is pretty and that she too stares at it sometimes, Urara notes that the pimple Akko had on her forehead had already gone and tells her that her skin never heals that fast, Akko tells her that her skin doesn`t heal that fast either and that it is due to her washing her face for a very long time, Kuno tells her that she does it too. Akko then continues and says that she saw on the internet that they must use foamy soap for pimples and that something with tea tree oil from the body soap works well, Urara asks Kuno if she wants to go shopping with her later but she declines the offer and tells her she already has a boyfriend so she does not need to get prettier, Mari in her thoughts says that she sees that thinking her friend is cute is not weird and is relieved and notes that due to them both being girls they can be close friends like that, She then wonder what if she were a guy and says that guys wouldn`t do things like go to a hair salon to get their hair done and that it would be weird for them to be into cloths and that any guy to approach Akko would have to be really brave Mari then wonders if before that could it ha been Akko had gone her whole life without ever meeting a guy and could it had been ever since then too. Outside Akko tells Mari that letting everyone know what she thinks made things complicated and tells her that their is no way she is cute and that she just wears makeup and mascara, She also tells her that she straightens her hair too and has gained some weigh and that she was cute when she was first born. Mari wonders what she should say to Akko and that she can`t understand the things Akko knows about and that her cuteness must mean everything to her. Akko then says that she has to start correcting her flaws in appearance which causes mari to wonder if she is talking about her, Akko then says that is what she read while taking shelter from rain in the bookstore. Mari tells Akko that she wonders if she had ever used makeup before and that if she has she has never used it much, Akko then tells Mari that it isn`t very good and that even if she doesn`t need makeup now when she gets old she will and that is the reason why her mother lets her use it which angers many office ladies and university students nearby, Mari tells Akko that they won`t be old for a long time and Akko tells her that she may think so but she would be surprised. Akko then tells Mari that when she gets old and even when her skin has wrinkles on it asks Mari will they still be together forever which causes Mari to begin blushing and she tells her that she will still be there.
Mari blush

Mari blushing heavily due to Akko touching her cheek.

Akko then tells Mari that there is no way her skin could be that pretty and that perhaps she is using some kind of face lotion and puts her hand on Mari`s cheek, Mari nervously tells akko that she does. Akko notes that her skin feels very smooth and that she has no pimples or anything and that her eyes look big even without makeup, Akko then continues and says that they had better get sunscreen and asks Mari if she gets sunburnt easily and says that her face is really red not knowing that it was due to Mari blushing so much. Akko tells Mari that first she will put makeup on her and that Sunday they should go shopping and that after she will show her how to use makeup, Mari in thought says that for her the way things are now make her happy enough and that maybe falling in love doesn`t have to mean that anything changes and it does not mean that she wants something from Akko and that for now they could continue to do things like normal. After trying on various body creams Kuno shows up and calls Mari and Akko, She asks if the two of them are shopping and Akko tells her that they are and asks her what is she doing there she tells them that she is on a date with her boyfriend and tells them that she should introduce them. Her boyfriend enter and greets them but then Akko and him both appear shocked Mari asks Akko what is wrong and Kuno asks her boyfriend if he had met them before. Akko then asks if she could talk with him and drags him off, Akko then asks him why he is Kuno`s boyfriend and he says he doesn`t know and asks Akko why she is Kuno`s friend, Akko then says that she recalled that he was at one of Sugiyama`s old mixers as her old boyfriends friend and says that Sugiyama used the same guys to put together the mixer with Kuno. Kuno`s boyfriend then begs Akko not to tell her about that day, Akko then explains what had happened in the past and says that she wasn`t used to going to mixers and that she ended up getting really drunk and suddenly brought to a hotel by a guy, Kuno`s boyfriend then says that he had went through the trouble of going to a mixer and getting a cute girl to come with him to the hotel but since had had drank too much he could not get an erection. He then tells Akko that his honor as a man is at stake and begs her not to tell Kuno, Akko tells him that she knows and that it is because she knows she has not told anyone which surprises him to hear that she hasn`t told anyone. Akko then continues and says that she had told Sugiyama about it and that Sugiyama probably would have told her old boyfriend about it and that all his friends may know about it. Akko in her thoughts then notes that it wasn`t the reason she didn`t tell anybody about it and that a guy who couldn`t get it up after seeing her naked there was no way she
Kahluha Milk Guy

The Kahluah Milk guy shocked to see Akko.

could tell anyone that. Kuno`s boyfriend then thanks her for not telling and apologizes to her for what happened, Akko then asks him if he did the same thing to Kuno or not and he explains that it is nothing like that and they had not done anything yet. He then tells Akko that he is really serious about having a proper relationship with Kuno and begs Akko not to make her hate him, He continues and tells Akko that she gets jealous really easily and that even though she is so cute he likes really clingy girls and that she is pretty much his ideal girl friend. Akko says that she can`t stand it anymore and that she just ate and doesn`t wat to hear about how he feels about her she then wonders if all couples are like that. Kuno tells Mari that she has figured out why her boyfriend ran off and tells her that she was sure her boyfriend was looking at Akko and that Akko is cute so the two of them must have fallen in love and ran off, Mari tells her no and that she doesn`t think the atmosphere around them was like that she then tells Kuno to wait where she is as she is going to look for them. Mari wonders where Akko went and notices her down the steps talking with Kuno`s boyfriend Mari then says that seeing her with a man she starts thinking about the thing she did not want to remember.

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