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“I`m so happy whenever I hear her voice... When our eyes meet, My heart starts pounding... All I want... Is to be with her more...”
—Mari`s thoughts while pondering her feelings.

Chapter 11
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Volume 2
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Mari in her thoughts says that whenever her friends talked about love she didn`t really understand what they were talking about and that she didn`t need to worry about it and everyday was fun even without it but then she began to hang out with Akko everyday and they had become best friends. Kuno get`s excited as her boyfriend finally replies to her mail which prompts Akko to ask her is having a boyfriend really that important to her and that she is jealous of it which surprises Mari a bit, She then goes on and says that it

Mari and Akko get matching cell phone straps as seen in Mari`s flashback.

seemed like everyone had a lot of free time to do stuff. Akko asks Mari if she wants to go to Mr.Donut her after school and Mari agrees to it, At Mr.Donut Akko asks Mari if when there is someone she likes does she tie them up which causes Mari to spit her drink out and ask Akko what the question was, Akko tells her that it`s not what she means and that it was because Kuno was baosting about the mail she got from her boyfriend and that made Urara mad, She then continues and says that girls who do things like think a guy is with another girl when they don`t reply to mail right away and says that she doesn`t think she would want to date anyone like that. Akko then asks Mari that if she had a boyfriend would she want to monopolize him and would she do things like check his cell phone all the time, Mari tells her there are not any guys she likes and in her thoughts says that it means that she would rather spend time with her and begins to blush Akko notices and tells her she is turning red. Akko tells Mari that they probably won`t be able to go to Kuno`s house and Urara won`t let them come over hers so that leaves it with just the two of them and tells Mari that she has make up tests to take and she needs help with them, Mari then tells Akko that atleast Kuno is happy with her boyfriend and that they can mail each other, meet one another each day, get matching cell phone straps, take pictures at the photo booth and go to Disney Land. Mari in her thoughts says that Akko may not be the same as her and wonders if they will always be able to do those things together. Akko agrees but tells her that guys have bad points to them too and that she guesses it depends on the type of girl too, Mari then wonders if that is about Akko`s past, Mari then tells Akko that Kuno said that she thinks she will be with her boyfriend for a very long time, Akko then says that if she wants a boyfriend like that then she should stop looking for them at mixers as those kinds of relationships never work out, She then tells Mari that she wonders if they will ever find true love. Mari then tells Akko that it is not something they need to worry about at the moment and that they need to study, Akko says that she is really hopeless when it comes to math and gets up to get a Cafe Au Lait. At home Mari says that she wished they could had talked more Mar then notes that even though her elementary and junior high schools were co-ed was there ever a guy she liked, She then says when she was in grade 6 she gave chocolate to a popular guy she knew but wonders if that meant she liked him and in her middle school she notes that all the guys there were always mean and she did not speak to them much. Mari then says that she had never fallen in love up until now and wonders why it is happening to her

Mari ponders her feelings for Akko in the bath.

currently with Akko, She then continues and says that whenever she thinks of Akko her heart feels warm but lately it has been hurting her a little, Mari then says that whenever she hears her voice and when their eyes meet her heart begins to pound and that all she wants is to be with Akko more each day and forever. Mari then ponders if what she is feeling is love or is it that she is being possessive and wonders why it is she wants to be with Akko so much. The next day Kuno inform everyone that her boyfriend has a cat and that it has the same name as her, Urara then akss is it`s name Kuno and that it is a weird name for a cat. Kuno tells Urara not to be silly and that the cat is named Chi-Chan and asks her if she knew her name was Chiharu, She then says that she is going to have him call her Chi-Chan too and that she will answer him with Nyaa. Urara who is annoyed asks if there is anyone who can understand her and Akko tells her that they should take her to a vet and that it is pretty much what she expected her to be like. mari then wonders if that is what love is supposed to be like and says that she probably wouldn`t be able to tell, She then says that she would like to do that kind of thing with Akko and begins to imagine herself scratching Akko`s chin making her purr like a cat. Mari jumps up from the thought which causes Akko to ask her what is wrong and Mari tells her she is just going to the bathroom, Akko tells her that she is going with her but Mari runs off and tells her to stay behind and finish listening to what Kuno has to say Akko sits and wonders why Mari is going alone. On her way out of the bathroom Mari bumps into Tamamin and apologizes that she had knocked her books all over the floor Tamamin tells her that she does not need to worry and that it was because she was in a hurry, Mari then notices one of her mangas curious as to what it is she opens it and sees a girl calling another girl Onee-Sama before beginning to have sex. Tamamin thanks Mari who is still staring at the book and tells her that the book she currently has is Yuri and asks her if she wants to read it and asks her if it was cute and tells her that it is based on an anime called Revolutionary Pretty Girl Marriage and that it was a sci-fi type. Mari then asks her do they need to be over 18 to watch it. Flustered she wonders if it could be that she wants to do those kinds of things with Akko and says that she does think of Akko as Onee-Sama and wonders why the girl in the book called the other Onee-Sama and wonders if they are sisters and wonders if she should feel grossed out about it and wonders what she should do. Tamamin then tells her that one day she wants to cosplay the girl in the book and Mari tells her that it could work, Tamamin informs her that she has to go back to her clubroom and inform Mari to keep everything a secret from Sugiyama as she hates that kind of stuff, She then leaves and tells Mari that she will have the costume ready for the summer convention, Mari sits and wonders what kind of club she goes to. On the train Mari says that she is tired due to

The man on the train tells Mari she missed her stop.

lack of sleep the last night as she kept having weird dreams and blames Tamamin for it as ever since then she has not been able to think of anything but Akko, Mari then wonders what makes friendship and love different and that if it is love then there is nothing she can do of it but if she is only being a possessive friend then she hopes she can fix it soon. A Man asks her of she had missed her stop and asks her if she got off at Akihabara he then asks her of she missed her stop and she tells him she did and thanks him, Mari notices something about the guy he then tells her that it had been long and her remembers her as they end up on the same train at times. He tells her that he transfers to Kayabachou so that makes it fine for him to stay on but for her it would make her late he then inform her to get off at the next stop and go back. Mari mails Akko to inform her that she got off at the wrong stop and wonders who the guy on the train was and that from what he said it seemed like they had met, Mari then says that she hasn`t figured everything out but she wants to see Akko more than anything else and rushes to the next train.