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“I wonder when it was... That I first started using the stairs instead of the escalator... So that I could get to the platform... Just a few seconds sooner... I wonder... When it was... That I fell in love without realizing it.”
—Mari realizes her true feelings for Akko.

Chapter 10
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Volume 2
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Chapter 10 Is the tenth chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

Chapter Information

Mari returns home and her mother tells her she is a bit late and that dinner will be done soon Mari tells her that she is not hungry and her mother asks her did she eat already eat something. Mari tells her that she ate at Akko`s house and that Sugiyama and Tamamin bought a bunch of candy. In her room Mari sits down and says that she is tired and her phone rings soon after Mari says that it is just spam mail and begins to think of when her and Akko went to the store to buy cell phone straps, Mari says in the end she picked pink but she didn`t really care what color it was and that she was happy as long as it was the same as Akko`s, She then continues to think and wonders if it is true or not that Akko have a boyfriend and that there was no reason to believe she never had one, Mari then wonders when was it and notes that it was summer vacation and she had not known Akko back then. Mari then wonders what

Mari wonders of Akko`s past.

kind of person was he and thinks that he may have been the reason she did not want to go to the mixer and if it is possible she still likes him. The next day Akko notices she has a pimple and says that it is the worst and that it was because Tamamin bought so many sweets over she then says that Mari is slow getting there and calls her phone, Mari notices and does not pick up the phone. Akko wonders if she is still in the subway and thinks she is running late. In class the teacher notices that Mari is absent and asks if she is on summer vacation as she is not the type to skip or come late and notes that she may be sick. Urara asks if Mari is away and Akko tells her that she is, Akko then tells her that she can`t get through to her cell phone and that she can`t even send mail to it. Kuno says that it must be annoying and that maybe she dropped the phone in the toilet or forgot it on the train. Mari`s father surprised to hear that she suddenly got sick when she came back home asks her mother if she has a cold and if she has a fever or not her mother tells him that she had told her she does have it and wonders if they should take her to the hospital, She then goes in Mari`s room and asks her if she wants to eat or not Mari tells her she is not hungry, Her mothers tells her that she had said the same to her the last night and in the morning and asks her if she is sure she is not anemic from not eating properly and if she is on another diet again and that she better not be on one again. Mari wonders why she is being the way she is and that she lied about being sick so she would not have to go to school like a little kid, Mari then continues and says that there is nothing weird about Akko having someone she likes and that whether she does or doesn`t isn`t something that should have something to do with her anyways. Mari then wonders why she is crying and wonders why her heart hurts so much and says that Akko would know why, Mari then notes that Akko a lot about hair and fashion and that she has taught her much about that stuff and other things aswell yet Akko is the only person she does not want to talk to now. Mari`s mother then comes in and tells her that a friend of hers is on the phone from her class and tells her that her name is Oohashi-San. At dinner her father asks if the classmate who called is a boy and her mother tells him no as it is an all girls school, Mari wonders what she should do and says hello on the phone. Akko surprises her by yelling in the phone saying that she was very nervous and that when her mother answered the phone she had almost freaked out and bit her tongue, Akko then explains what she had said on the phone to her mother and says that she messed up somewhere and Mari tells her that she kinda did. Akko tells her that she only ever speaks to her friends on the phone so she is awful at speaking formally over it and that she had written down what to say on a piece of paper so she wouldn`t mess up, Akko tells Mari that her parents are gonna think she is friends with an idiot but Mari tells her that she doesn`t think she is friends with an idiot. Akko then brings up that she could not get through to her cell phone and asks her if something happened, Mari tells her that she left her phone turned off and turns it back on, Akko then asks if that was all it was and asks if there is anything else and notes

Mari begs Akko not to hang up the phone.

that she is sick so she begins to hang up, Mari begs her not to hang the phone up and tells Akko that it isn`t a problem if for them to talk a bit longer. Akko tells her that it is great and asks if she has a cold as people thought she was skipping class or had gone off somewhere for the day, Mari asks her if that is why she called her house and Akko tells her it was because she was worried about her and that she cares about her too much to not check up on her at times. Mari thinks herself to be an idiot for turning off her phone to try and avoid Akko when it was Akko`s voice she wanted to hear all along. Akko asks her of she is coming back to school the enxt day and Mari tells her that she is and everything would be back to normal again, Mari says that she should had gone to school that day and she wished that she had. Mari brings the phone back and her mother asks if she is done with it yet and notes that she looks like she is feeling better, She continues and says that her friend seemed really worried about her and she seemed like a good person. Her mother asks her if they are good friends and Mari tells her that they are and that she is her best friend, On the way to the train Mari wonders when it was that she started taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Akko tells Mari that there was an announcement yesterday and Mari asks if it was the midterm exams and whether or not she was going to do well on them this time, Akko tells her that she is because Mari is going to be her tutor and asks her if she can be Mari tells her that she knew she would say that. Mari in her thoughts then continues and wonders when it was that she fell in love with Akko without realizing it.