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“Still Mari-Chan... Everyone Else in class always calls me Kumakura-San...”
—Mari`s thoughts on Akko`s nickname given to her.

Chapter 1
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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the Girl Friends manga.

Chapter Information[]

The chapter begins with Mari being questioned by Akko about where she lives and she tells her she lives near Ishigaya. Akko asks her will she go home with her, and Mari is surprised by the fact that Akko calls her Mari-Chan on their first meeting, since everyone else refers to her as Kumakura-San. During their walk back Akko asks Mari how she did on her exam, only for Mari to tell her she answered all the questions and is sure she got most correct, which shocks Akko as she always fails her exams and has to constantly take make up tests. After all the questions, Akko tells Mari that she is thirsty and wants something to drink so they go to McDonalds and Akko ends up ordering something to eat instead. While there Akko suddenly leans in close to Mari which flusters her a bit and asks her did she straighten her hair because it is so long and silky soft. Akko asks her what her secret is to getting such hair, and Mari tells her that she does not treat her hair and

Akko compliments Mari`s hair.

that it is naturally like that, while Akko has to use an iron to make her hair straight since it grows naturally with curls. Akko later suggests that they go to a hair salon the next day and Mari agrees and asks her mother for money. She asks Mari if she is going alone to which Mari replies she is going with a friend. At the salon Mari is unsure as to what to do with her hair, since she does not usually go to hair salons, so she asks Akko to decided on a hair style for her, and Akko picks a short hair cut, which makes Mari upset at first, because she thought that Akko had played a prank on her due to earlier saying that she looked nice with long hair. Akko tells Mari that the new hair style came out great and

Mari`s new hairstyle.

that Mari looks cute like that, and only cute girls look good with short hair which causes Mari to become flustered and blush. After Mari is seen getting ready for school by her mom, while spending a great deal of time brushing her hair, and then is told that she's going to be late for school.